Unicorn Plush Toy 11-08-09 -- IMG_9488 by stevendepolo

DISCUSSED: An overnight six-pack, What is an isn't Magic, User Perspective, The perfect toy, Strict formulas, Crafting products, Why people fail at things, Standing out in the marketplace

Many things can be Magical. Unicorns are magical. Magicians are magical (obviously). But products? Product Magic sounds like something from a cheesy infomercial: “Use our abtastic ab-machine while you sit on your ass and watch TV and your six pack will appear overnight—now that’s product magic!”

Not exactly.

From a user perspective, Product Magic evokes a Christmas morning feeling—the experience of tearing open a present to reveal the most amazing, perfect toy. It is exactly what you wanted, it is better than anything else under the tree and you cannot wait to play with it. Think of the last time you were at a store and came across something you knew you just had to have. Whether it was a pair of shoes or a smartphone, it just felt right and those initial feelings of excitement and satisfaction continue to linger with every use. That is where Product Magic happens.

Many things can evoke feelings of magic upon us but not all things are products and not all products are created equal. Products are crafted, they are meant to be consumed, and to be magic they must stand out in the marketplace.

The Substantial blog is all about showcasing Product Magic—who has it, who fails at it, and what it’s all about. The concept of Product Magic isn’t always easy to pin down but that’s what makes it fun to think about and challenging to achieve.

Photo by stevendepolo.