[UPDATE: Substantial Sessions are now available in iTunes!]

In addition to being a cadre of software ninjas, Substantial is also a collective of music obsessives (check that last.fm link in the footer). Visit our offices and you'll rarely be greeted by silence but will instead hear a wide swath of the world's great music. And by wide I mean w i d e - indie rock, disco, soul, krautrock, yacht rock, electronic, we touch on a lot of genres over the span of a day. What better way to share that experience with you than with our own podcast? Welcome to Substantial Sessions.

Kicking things off is an all-vinyl mix of "nu-psych" (if you've got to call it anything), featuring one of our own by way of Midday Veil along with some other acts (Caribou, Matthew Dear, Fabulous Diamonds) that have gotten a lot of airplay on the office stereo. Be forewarned, it gets a little weird at times. Don't let that scare you.

Matthew Dear - Gem
Midday Veil - Asymptote (Part.2)
Fabulous Diamonds - A.1;(12 Min 15 sec)
Bear in Heaven - You do You
Jeffertitti's Nile - Mountain Jeng
Caribou - Lalibela (screwed)
Matthew Dear - Monkey
Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner - You
Caribou Vibration Ensemble - Hendrix with Ko

Photo by DaveBleasdale.