Substantial 02: Chilly Winter

Before the holidays Courtney created a mix CD and handed out copies as gifts. We've played the mix on multiple occasions here in the office and enjoyed it thoroughly, so now we share it with you as the latest Substantial Session (available on iTunes!).

Here's Courtney's description of the compilation:
I selfishly wanted to create a playlist of songs that I think are awesome. These are mostly comprised of songs that remind me of winter, because I wanted it to be season appropriate but can't stand holiday music. I also wanted to maintain a chill vibe to combat the stress of the holidays.


Wilderness - Active Child
Dream Out - Balam Acab
Beach Days - Mathemagic
Avalanche - Blackbird Blackbird
Outer Space - Sleep~Over
Vive Solo - Juana Molina
Vultures Like Lovers - Wild Nothing
Round the Moon - Summer Camp
Maximalist - Baths
Fancy Walking - Tickley Feather
Hearts - oOoOO
Weird Machine - Small Black
High Road - Deradoorian
Icarus - White Hinterland

Photo by me_tm.