Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be a Long, Long Time) by peasap

Over the past month, we've been doing a lot of planning for the year ahead here at Substantial HQ as we continue moving toward our goal of world domination, both collectively and personally. Below are some of the highlights.

- Move into our new office space and make it amazing
- Get project writeups in the NYT and the WSJ
- Pick up a client in a new continent
- Develop an official company bike riding regimen

- Compete in Escape from Alcatraz (or similar)
- Undisclosed musical goal
- Take actual vacations
- Take Substantial to the next level

- Attend SXSW with the Substantial crew
- Finish one of the many art projects taking up space in my apartment
- Perform more culinary experiments, including salted caramels, Lebanese shmayseh, and my grandmother's homemade spaghetti sauce

- Write some hyper-catchy pop songs
- Write some totally devastating noise music
- You know, exercise and stuff...

- Release a new project once a week

- Skydive in Washington
- Start earning my pilots license
- Stop wearing all black everything

- Jog four times a week

- Go on a two week tour with my band

- Fill a Gorilla Rack in my cellar w/ home-made pickles
- Run the St. Patrick's Day 5k dash
- Go on a 1+ week Pasayten wilderness backpacking trip

- Find a new apartment
- Join a gym
- Learn spanish

- Learn to DJ
- Find a proper storage solution for my shoe collection
- Cook more than once this year

Dave A:
- Buy our first house
- Finish up all the projects with domain names that I've been paying for

- Start rock climbing
- Not lose my phone for an entire year

- Travel abroad
- Learn to dive with a dry suit and check out some diving in the PNW

- Make music
- Do yoga
- Buy a place

David G:
- Put out a film, a video, another LP, and 2 cassettes with my band

- Learn to speak fluent JavaScript
- Go back to my home island, Japan
- Make music and play music other people make

Dave F.:
- New Year Resolution: 2048 x 1536

Main Photo by peasap.