As part of their annual Most Innovative Companies round-up, Fast Company named long-time client BigChampagne one of the music industry's top innovators. Coming in right after Pandora and Coca-Cola, BigChampagne finds themselves in good company.

The definition of a "top" artist or track has been muddied in recent years, as physical sales and radio plays are no longer the primary metrics of interest. Now there are streams, friends, followers, video plays, ringtone sales, downloads, and plenty of other measurements to track. It's hard enough to simply collect all that data, let alone aggregate it into a unifying measurement. BigChampagne earned their spot by incorporating this new data into the way that music is tracked and ranked.

We congratulate BigChampagne (and ourselves a bit too, we admit) for the accolades. As excited as we are for this, just wait until you see all the innovation in our upcoming release. Stay tuned.