We’ve already told you about some of our resolutions for 2011, but one thing we neglected to mention was our internal push for innovation, which includes supporting various extracurricular activities and building a few internal projects of our own. We’ve currently got two under development, CTX and Overmind.

CTX is meant to be the world's most intuitive task organizer. Need to assign a task to someone? Instead of using a dedicated app, CTX allows you to share tasks by adding a system of shortcodes to an email and CCing CTX. CTX takes care of the rest, emailing reminders and lists of tasks to keep everyone on track. With no signup required, you’ll be able to use CTX to manage projects and assign tasks immediately, going from total n00b to power user in under 60 seconds. The goal is to keep things simple. You've got tasks to accomplish - your task manager shouldn't get in the way of that. We're still building and refining the experience but we're already using CTX internally. We'll let you know when it's open to a wider audience.

Overmind is an appropriately named one-app-to-rule-them-all.  While we were mostly happy with the set of separate apps that we use for various tasks, shuttling information between them opened us up to errors and was more time-consuming than we wanted it to be. With Overmind we're better able to deal with the problems that all companies face, from keeping tabs on billing, tracking hours, simplifying employee/client intake and automating employee payroll. Overmind aggregates our time tracking, billing, and invoicing apps in order to provide us with a better view of how our business is doing. It's definitely a nice improvement, and this is just the first phase of development. We're building in a lot of reporting and that's when things will get even more exciting. As with CTX, Overmind is in its infancy but we'll keep you updated as it develops.