Over the last few months we've developed a new tradition here in Substantial HQ. Other companies have casual Fridays, we have Talking Heads Fridays. That doesn't mean we all come in dressed in oversized suits or anything, it just means that at some point on Friday you will hear Talking Heads playing in the office. It's one of the better rituals a company could have; who doesn't want to listen to one of the greatest bands of all time? Sharing this tradition with you, Dave made a mix of nothing but Talking Heads. Some hits, some not, but all Heads all the time. We've got our fingers crossed that this doesn't earn us a cease and desist letter from the RIAA.

Don't Worry About the Government
Girlfriend is Better
Once in a Lifetime
Nothing But Flowers (percussion break)
Psycho Killer
Stay Up Late
The Big Country
Slippery People
I Zimbra
This Must Be The Place
Road To Nowhere
Papa Legba