Panel's New Site

If you haven't noticed by now, we're music obsessives. Especially when it comes to discovering new music and meeting the people who make it their duty to share the music they love. That's why we enjoyed working with LA record producer and all-around cool dude Darius Fong and helping him realize the first version of his vision for bringing humanity back to music discovery.

Darius came to Substantial looking to "[uphold] the tradition of people recommending music to people." Pulling together a serious roster of DJs, music journalists, producers and record collectors, the Panel iPhone and web applications showcased editorial content as selected by these influential curators (the "Panel"). Not only could you stream music via the iPhone, but the web app featured an archive of Panel's album selections, music reviews and blog posts.

We loved the old Panel site and it's hard to see our baby go, but Darius and Panel are transitioning to a new website. The new Panel site allows for a full album preview in place of the iPhone app and features a deeper level of social network integration for more interactions with followers and fans. It's a good move for them and we're excited to see it grow. It may be out of our hands but we're always down with new avenues for music discovery. Now stop reading and go check out the new Panel site for yourself!