The above video does a decent job of capturing our experience at this year's Internet Week New York. It was inspiring, exciting, hilarious and admittedly exhausting running around the city of New York with some of the tech world's best and brightest. It was a lot of fun and we're already looking forward to doing it all over again.

Substantial Does Internet Week 2011Internet Week resembles SXSW in many ways, but its open nature sets it apart, being almost entirely comprised of partner events. Want to throw an Internet Week event? Sign up as a partner and list it. Plenty of organizations did just that, with hundreds of events scattered throughout the city. Sure, there are still official events, but the separation between those and partner events feels mostly non-existent.

For the first half of Internet Week, we spent our days hanging around in the official HQ, which was an interesting cross between a conference, a trade show, and a hangout space. On the one hand you could participate in panels on topics ranging from the steps needed to take the NYC tech scene to the next level or how the Internet is redefining what it means to be an expert. On the other you could just sit in a chair and talk with people that walked by, either about the talks going on or about the parties you would attend that evening. Outside the HQ we attended Walkabout NYC, a citywide open house of tech companies. Definitely a nice departure from the normal work day.

Things kept going as the sun went down. Whether it was the Webutante Ball, happy hour at AIGA, kickball in a school parking lot or parties at Mother or on the Barbarian Group's roof deck, every night there was somewhere you needed to be, and we did our best to be there. And we wouldn't be us if we didn't manage to fit in some music as well, making a stop by The Bunker, catching Dimitri From Paris, and getting some quality time in at Dope Jams.

Substantial Does Internet Week 2011The week culminated with a few notable events. First, we were lucky to accompany the Internet Week/Webby team in closing out the NASDAQ. Never mind the huge losses on the day, it was still radass to see ourselves projected over Times Square. Next, Sunset Cocktails at the top of The Standard afforded a fantastic way to unwind from the week, with what has to be one of the best views in the city. Lastly, the Webby Awards and afterparty made a fitting close to the week, with a heavy dose of inspiration at the power of tech at the former and lots of disco (from James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem) to shake what our mamas gave us as a proper festival finale.

Thanks to everyone that made Internet Week such a wonderful time. We have to give a special shout-out to the Internet Week/Webby teams for going above and beyond in making the event a good one for us. We're still not fully recovered, but we're excited to do it all over again in London. See you at Internet Week Europe!

Below is a slideshow of our images from the week. You can view the whole set on Flickr.