Photo Booth Fun
We've already mentioned our housewarming party and how great a time it was. One of the highlights of the event, in addition to the cocktails, the slideshow documenting the progression of the space, the music and of course the great people, was our photo booth app. A homegrown app originally built to keep track of people coming by for the biweekly Beer && Code, it was an absolute hit with our guests and added to the party atmosphere.

Upon walking into our HQ, guests were met by a mounted iMac and a chance to take a set of four pictures and "announce" their arrival. A quick click of the mouse and a couple of flashes later their pictures were projected onto the wall for the entire party to see. By entering a Twitter handle the photobooth would send them the shots as well. To say it was popular is an understatement; during the party the app was used more than once a minute.

Our photo booth is definitely a novelty (in the best way), but there's some serious engineering behind all that fun. The app is, in our lead developer's words, "practically a Rube Goldberg machine with all the technologies we're using." Flash for the webcam interaction, QuickTime for playing with the shutter and a whole lotta JavaScript for encoding the photos and then rendering the results as part of a slideshow. Wait, did we mention that this is all running from within a web browser? Well, it is.

We're already looking into ways to extend this experience so expect more news on in the coming months. In the meantime, be ready to smile if you're coming by our HQ.

To view the pics taken by our photo booth, follow its Twitter account: