All of us here at Substantial hope that you've kicked off 2012 in fine fashion. We're looking forward to the new year, excited about the projects we have lined up, the events we have in store, and everything else we have planned.

In keeping with our excitement, we're going to start the year by sharing some of the things that have or currently inspire us. Every (work) day in January we'll be posting something new. Submissions will be coming from Substantial at large, so expect a lot of variety. We hope the series helps to put you in the right frame of mind for a creative new year.

To get this project off the road, here's Sorting Out Sorting, one of the best videos about sorting algorithms you've likely never seen. The visuals were cutting-edge for when the video came out (1980) and it remains an engrossing viewing experience despite its age. It's part of what got me excited in the world of software, and it remains one of my favorite videos to this day (I even tracked it down on DVD).