We’re excited about the new year so for the month of January we’re posting a series of all manner of things that motivate and inspire us.

Be Your Own Souvenir

Mark's submission is a case of using emerging technology in an immediately accessible and engaging way. This short-lived project made him a little jealous of those that got to experience it, and you may end up feeling the same way.

From Mark:
[This video] documents a 2-week street installation in Barcelona where some folks built a person-sized 3D-scanner using 3 Kinects, and then let people create their own Barcelona souvenirs using it. Each person posed on a pedestal installed on La Rambla, was scanned, and a custom figure was printed out of a nearby rapid prototyper. It used all open source software. I was hoping I could try it when I was in Barcelona last April, but unfortunately it was only a two week thing.