We’re excited about the new year so for the month of January we’re posting a series of all manner of things that motivate and inspire us.

Mini Video Image Processor

One of our resident musicians, David's projects focus nearly as much on their visuals as they do their musical output. Choosing to go with a heavy psychedelic style, David's constantly on the search for new ways to achieve the desired result, which explains his adoration of the Mini Video Image Processor (MVIP). It's a device built by renowned video synthesizer creator David Jones, and provides a wide array of possibilities in an extremely small package. When paired with other devices, it becomes part of a platform that can allow David's bands to alter their video output in real-time as part of their performance.

Below you'll find a video from David's band Midday Veil that uses some of David Jones' gear (in conjunction with other gear built by David Jones for the Experimental TV Center) and a video demonstration of the MVIP's capabilities.