It's inarguable that education is important, but this isn't always reflected in the attention paid to youth. The non-profit Get Schooled creates school-based challenges that encourage high school students to perform those activities that improve their chances for future success, namely graduate high school and attend college. Their latest competition, the College Dollars Challenge, focuses on teaching high school seniors their various option for paying for college. The challenge is comprised of a variety of activities, tracked at a school level on a leaderboard, and including the Know Your Numbers quiz, all of which was coupled with significant improvements under the hood for the entire platform.

The school leaderboard tracks the progress of schools around the nation as they participate in Get Schooled's challenge. This leaderboard displays how various schools rank against one another and breaks down their aggregate score to show how they've achieved their ranking. In doing so, it prompts students to tap into their school spirit to improve their own ranking. Because of the audience, design for this was necessarily bold in nature, presenting potentially dry information in an appealing way through bright colors and non-standard typography.

The Money Game quiz asks questions related to four areas of student finances: college costs, transportation, employment and credit. As questions are answered correctly a piece of a hidden image is revealed, ultimately resulting in a motivational video . As with the above, a simple presentation of compelling colors and simple iconography make this quiz accessible for its target demographic. Technically, this quiz is notable because of its sparse use of graphics, with most of the seen shapes drawn within the browser.

Work on Get Schooled is ongoing, with more enhancements due in the coming weeks. For now, go peruse the College Dollars Challenge and take the Know Your Numbers quiz.