A few months ago we launched the site for IDEO.org, the non-profit arm of design powerhouse IDEO, that takes their human-centered design principles and uses them to solve the world’s poverty-related problems. With HCD Connect, a portal to bring together the world’s human-centered design community, they extend upon their goals of using HCD techniques to solve real-world problems.

HCD Connect enables users to become a member of the HCD community, offering up the HCD Toolkit to learn the basics of HCD, but more importantly allows them to communicate with one another. Users can view both stories and users according to location and project area, and can ask (or answer) questions about how to best use these practices in the real world. In the future, individuals and organizations using HCD will be able to apply for microgrants to help with their efforts.

The principles of HCD are a powerful tool for solving many of the world's problems. We're proud to have been part of the launch of HCD Connect, putting those ideas into even more hands.

Please visit HCD Connect for more information.