Here's where you can find Substantial over the next few weeks. Mark your calendars.

8/3-8/4 - Cascadia Ruby Conf. We went last year, had a great time, and we're headed back. You should join us. Let us know if you'll be there as well and want to hang out.

8/8, 8/22 - Beer&&Code, in our HQ. If you haven't yet been to B&&C, this month is a great time to start. It's a chance to meet some fellow devs, chat about and work on your projects, and as the name suggests, drink a beer (or two).

8/14 - UX Happy Hour, in our HQ. This will be our second time hosting this monthly-ish gathering of the Seattle UX community, and this time we're hoping the weather's nice enough to fully utilize our recently remodeled roof deck.

8/16 - MongoDB Drinkup, in our HQ. We're happy to host this meetup, getting the local MongoDB community together to spur excitement for next month's conference.

8/29 - Soundplane Meetup, in our HQ. Surprisingly, this will be our first music-related meetup, a demonstration of Soundplane, the beautiful hardware/software product made by Madrona Labs. Here's your chance to play with one of these otherwise sold out devices.