This year we are proud to have been a partner for the Decibel Festival, one of North America's premier electronic arts events. There has always been a connection between Decibel and Substantial, with Substantial staff donating their time, money, and talents in various ways to the organization, but this is the first year we've formalized the relationship.

Substantial strives to be an active part of the community, as you've probably noticed with our busy events calendar. For Decibel we wanted to do something special and to say that we did that is a complete understatement. In addition to placing our photo booth in the artist lounge, we were proud to host the Seattle debut of Boiler Room, the popular streaming series of music events. We've joined an elite list of spaces that can claim to have hosted Boiler Room, and we're happy that both nights were such a success.

Huge thanks to Decibel, Boiler Room, Votiv, our staff, and our volunteers for making this partnership possible!

The lineup for Thursday's Boiler Room:

The lineup for Friday's Boiler Room:

We'll post links to the video archives of the events when they're posted.

Images from Boiler Room (also on FB):

Images from our Decibel photo booth.