Over the last few months we've strengthened our ties to San Francisco, adding more permanent staff (we're still hiring BTW) and putting down some real roots. It's all the next part of our general plans for world domination. To wit, in November we'll be moving into our new Substantial SF office, located in the active SoMa. (Yes, we'll be doing a housewarming eventually, and yes, you're invited.)

This geographic expansion is coupled with an expansion in our capabilities. If you've looked around our new site, you'll notice that we're now touting two new disciplines, digital strategy and experience design. We've always considered ourselves to be much more than design-savvy engineers and now we're formalizing our forays into these parts of the puzzle we've been putting together since we started. To succeed today you need to understand the marketplace (and your position within it), you need to build compelling experiences, and you need to quickly implement in a way that's both robust and flexible. We were always willing to help you from idea to beyond launch, but now we're even more prepared to help you all the way through your product cycle.

Want to learn more about our new skills? Hit us up!