We've mentioned our collaboration with Get Schooled before, after the launch of the College Dollars Challenge, which educated high-school students on their options for paying for higher education. We're proud to announce our latest work with the non-profit: a redesign of the site, coupled with the release of their fall attendance challenge.

Get Schooled creatively connects with high schoolers to help them get the most out of their education, stoking their competitive fires via various challenges (quizzes, financial aid form completion, attendance measurement), and awards prizes to the schools that rank highest. Therefore, their designs need to be compelling to a young audience, and make learning more fun than the exercise in drudgery that many at-risk students consider it to be.

With a user base of tech-savvy, heavily mobile-using young teenagers, we worked to bring the print-specific branding guidelines set forth by site partners Viacom, online, and designed a modern and future-friendly layout system for content. One that meets the user on whatever device they are on (whether that be a desktop computer, tablet, phone, and everything in-between), all the while retaining hierarchy, structure, and the intended message site content should convey across every screen size. Choosing this fully responsive design approach enabled us to give Get Schooled multiple device presences without designing and developing separately for each platform.

Our design also allows multiple layouts, ensuring content stays fresh and dynamic for the user across different devices. For example, a user could access Get Schooled in class on a desktop computer but later check in on their activity status on the bus home from their smart phone - all the while receiving a consistent and seamless experience.

Launching this new design represents a new beginning for Get Schooled, appropriately timed with the start of the school year. Over the coming months we'll be launching further new challenges, and expanding the platform and functionality that the new site provides. But enough talking about Get Schooled. Go check it out for yourself.