Substantial is Hiring

We're hiring. You should probably apply. A lot of people express confusion since our job ads aren't long lists of requirements (technologies, certifications, and skills), wondering if that means their talent doesn't apply to us. Far from it.

Most job ads are TERRIBLE, and are as boring to read as the companies posting them are to work for. We aren't boring, so why should our ads be? Most ads read as if companies are simply trying to fit a worker peg into a resource slot, which demeans everyone involved. You're more than your skills, and hopefully your job is more than a series of tasks. Yes, we care about what you know, but we're looking for more than that. We want to hire a person, not a resource.

So what are we looking for, if not just the living embodiment of a bulleted list? Read on to find out. This is generalized to all positions, so whether it's Engineering, Engagement, Design, Strategy or Ops, this is what we want. If these qualities describe you, get in touch.

You're Good at Something
This is the most obvious item on this list. Clearly you should have some skill that you offer. It's not enough to say "I've been doing X for Y number of years." We want to see what you've done, hear about your experiences, and know what you're capable of doing. Maybe your best work is a side project and not on a job - that's fine, we just want to know that you can get things done.

You Care About What You Do
We want people passionate about their craft. Yes, we want people that have demonstrated their skills, but we want people that care about what they do and how their work fits into the world around them. Worked on open source projects, launched your own game, or written a blog about best practices? Great! We want you to care about what you're doing, because we certainly do.

You Are Curious
There's a big world out there. For everything you're doing, someone out there is doing something similar, and maybe doing it better. That's not meant to sound cynical, but is instead a qualification of ego. We want to know what you're doing and for you to be aware of what other people are doing, and what that means. Nothing we do is in a vacuum, and we want people that engage with the world around them, in whatever form that takes.

You Want To Get Better
You could also describe this as "Realize you don't know everything." We recognize that we can always improve. With everything that we do, we strive to do it well the first time, then better over time. That permeates our meetings, our processes, even the way we keep the fridge stocked. We want people that have that same drive to improve, that same will to strive for an unattainable perfection.

You Are Fun
We all like one another around here as people and as compatriots. We hire people we'll actually want to be around for more than an entire work day. That doesn't mean we're looking for Joe Cool, that everyone needs to be a DJ or indie musician, or that you need to be a part-time comedian, but those things don't hurt. Basically, we want you to be nice, fun, and not a jerk (at least not in the bad way).

- - - - -

Now,  how about you go take a look at what we have open and get in touch. Don't see an exact fit? Get in touch anyway. We don't list everything and our needs are constantly changing.