Unless you've been in a complete media blackout for the last few weeks, you know how much parts of the east coast have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Even this long after the rains and winds have stopped, thousands remain without power and/or displaced from their homes, a situation not made any easier by the nor'easter that just hit. We support the various relief efforts and encourage you to give what you can. Here are a few organizations that don't have quite the media coverage (or overhead) of the Red Cross that are doing good work and need your help:

Occupy Sandy - An offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy Sandy is working toward both short- and long-term rebuilding and cleanup, and have organized themselves as a non-profit, making donations tax-deductible (if you're concerned with such things).

Occupy Sandy Amazon Registry - If you're looking to have a more direct say in how your money is being spent, Occupy Sandy has also put together a gift registry on Amazon that will let you send supplies directly to those that need it.

JASA - JASA is an organization that provides aid and support to the elderly. Since Sandy struck, their volunteers have been working around the clock to provide food, water, and supplies to people that in many cases find themselves completely cut off from the world.

The Ali Forney Center - This organization rescues homeless LGBT youth and places them in secure housing. Their drop-in center was destroyed by the floods, leaving them without a crucial part of what they need to provide services.

If you know of any other organizations that need help, feel free to leave them in the comments.