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We are proud to announce the launch of the Artifex Press platform!

Artifex Press is the first company dedicated solely to the production of digital catalogues raisonnés. What's a catalogue raisonné, you ask? The typical catalogue raisonné is a hard-bound, ornate, academic book that is meant to definitively collect information about an artist and their body of work (it’s usually done posthumously or late in an artist’s career). A traditional catalogue raisonné is expensive to produce, and being a physical object, is bulky to transport, often quickly out-of-date, and limited in access. Artifex Press addressed these limitations by going online, creating a centralized and objective source that contains the same trusted information of a traditional catalogue raisonné, but in a format that is easier to access and update.

Artifex Press and Substantial have worked closely together over the last two years to bring the Artifex platform to life. During this time, Artifex Press has developed into a powerful curatorial tool and digital archive, with a researcher/publisher model that allows selective publication of research data even while other research is still ongoing. Customizable data fields ensure that research data is accurately captured, while customizable UIs ensure a catalogue is best presented to subscribers. The platform provides a robust, flexible faceted search engine, which allows subscribers to find and sort through works within a single or even across multiple catalogues raisonnés simultaneously. Each artwork’s entry contains a slideshow of high resolution artwork and process photos, full artwork provenance, editor’s comments, and links to related artworks. So curators get a definitive source to store academic data, while users get validated research and amazing imagery.

This first launch provides select users with a free, limited time subscription to digital catalogues raisonnés for Chuck Close and Jim Dine, two of the world's most high profile artists. Additional artists will be added throughout 2013 while Artifex continues to develop the platform to meet the needs of artists/artist estates, historians, academics, publishers, collectors, and art lovers.

Visit Artifex Press to sign up for a free beta subscription. In the meantime, here are some screenshots from the app.


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