We told you we were going to the Lean Startup Conference. Well, we went (it feels like so long ago), and they've finally posted the video from Tutti's Ignite talk along with the rest. So here's the recording of Tutti's talk and some others that kept our attention. If you watch them all it'll be just like you were there with us, but this way you don't even have to wear pants (it's OK, we won't judge).

First things first, here's Tutti's talk, titled "How to Build a Lean, Mean Design Team."

Key takeaways from the talk are:
1. Motivate a team with passion and vision
2. Hire for hybrids
3. Design is a team sport
4. Balance the long view and the short view. Make sure that asset creation & story delivery needs are always satisfied while looking ahead to create the vision.
5. Continuous improvement of the product with user feedback

View the slides.


Lane Halley's "I (heart) Ugly" was a discussion on the power of sketching and how it can be used to successfully build team alignment across disciplines.


Andres Glusman's talk, "Failure is Great and Other Myths About Adopting Lean Startup," is a lesson in pragmatism. "No one gives a damn about lean. People do give a damn about their work."


The panel "Creating a Culture of Experimentation: Ideas and Best Practices" by a group of Intuit vets was near and dear to us, as they each provided their own perspective on the topic.


The "How Engineers Embrace Lean Startup" panel discussed the value of prototyping and how to get engineers to deliberately relax on some best practices for the sake of speed.


The conversation with Marc Andreessen was interesting as he's got more perspective than just about anyone on the startup/technology landscape.