Mike, one of our developers (and indie game hobbyist), took some time in recent weeks to create a new game for the Ouya. For those of you that don't know, the Ouya is a new video game console that's made waves for their success via Kickstarter and for the fact that their platform is based on Android. Ouya, along with Kill Screen, hosted the Create game jam, giving participants ten days to create initial prototypes for the console, all for a chance at some pretty substantial prize money. The jam yielded over 150 submissions, with Mike's Piggyback Dungeon Ryder among them.

In Piggyback Dungeon Ryder, you're an archer riding atop a giant slaying ghosts as you travel through a dungeon. Shoot enemies with your crossbow, light them on fire, whatever it takes to reach the goal. Making the game meant crafting a narrative, creating levels (by hand), and of course, developing the game itself (you can read more about the experience here). Quite the accomplishment given the time constraints. Check out the trailer for Piggyback Dungeon Ryder below, and head over to the submission page to vote for it.