For past Valentine's Days we've brought you 90s R&B (courtesy of our friend Tim) and selections of the "kinda weird" variety (from our own David), but this year we're opting for more of a narrative, telling you a love story through disco (compiled by Donte). The story begins with some initial hesitation but quickly sees our characters (never mind the shifting gender pronouns) becoming more familiar with one another before moving into more...romantic territory. Disco has no shortage of innuendo, so you should know exactly what we mean. From there, the relationship grows into a lasting union, and we've even included a bonus track indicative of a different undying love. If you want the abridged version just peruse the song titles in the tracklisting (but why ruin the surprise?). Regardless of whether the "story" grabs you, we think it's a great selection of dance music classics and we hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine's Day!

Womack & Womack - Baby I'm Scared of You
Finished Touch - Need to Know You Better
Tata Vega - Get It Up for Love
Erotic Drum Band - Touch Me Where It's Hot 
Young & Co. - I Like What You're Doing To Me
The Strikers - Body Music
Universal Robot Band - Freak With Me
Double Exposure - Ten Percent
LIME - Your Love
Evie Sands - Keep My Lovelight Burning
[Bonus Track] The O'Jays - I Love Music (Part 1)

Podcast image from Tim Sepulveda.