With Midday Veil heading out on the road, we knew we wanted to do more than simply inform you of their tour dates. We asked David, band founder and one of our developers if he could put together a mix of some material and now we share the result with you. This session includes selections from Midday Veil's upcoming album, THE CURRENT, some live performance, and other selections from the band's label, Translinguistic Other, and their circle of music friends. It's a great primer to the variety of sounds that represent the band and is a compelling teaser for the new album. Enjoy, and support Midday Veil when they come to a town near you!

Midday Veil - Without and WIthin (Translinguistic Other)
Panabrite - Botanical Vortex
AIRPORT - Sweat (Mood Organ remix) (Debacle)
Swahili - Agni (Translinguistic Other)
Midday Veil - Lightning Grave
A Story of Rats - Her Teeth Are Nil (excerpt) (Translinguistic Other)
Midday Veil - Live at Vermillion 7/22/2012 (excerpt)