We had a couple of Substantialites attend this year's SXSW (other than David, who we've already mentioned). What better way to capture their highlights than to put them together mixtape-style? Here's the best of SXSW according to Donte and Fabian. Hope you like variety, as this starts with French dream pop and closes with doom metal, hitting a lot of different musical territory along the way.

Alba Lua - Valley of Abra
Autre Ne Veut - Promises
Hanni El Khatib - Penny (Classixx Remix)
Archie Pelago - Carmen on Gold St.
f(x) - Electric Shock
Radkey - Spirals
Assacre - I Have Fifteen Legs
Junius - At the Age of Decay
Connery Youngblood - Vegas
Pallbearer - Given to the Grave

Main image from Flickr user StuSeeger.