A few months ago we told you a bit of what we’re looking for with our applicants. Here we dive in a little more into the specifics of one role, the engagement manager, and how best to apply.

There are telltale signs of a potentially successful Substantial engagement manager. They tend to already know a lot about us and our organization (probably with some stalking of our staff). Maybe they’ve owned their own business or startup. They’ve definitely led teams and managed people.

An engagement manager has the weighty responsibility of leading successful and strategic product delivery at Substantial. We design and build the best digital experiences out there, and this role is for the people who can wrangle the politics, overcome the obstacles, and make informed, strategic business decisions and suffer the (hopefully positive) consequences.

Substantial’s engagement team consists of former practitioners - designers and developers - as well as program and account managers from more traditional “agencies.” We have several entrepreneurs who have run their own businesses. What they all have in common is the ability to elevate the capability of any team they are leading. They are hungry to learn more. They love working with people. They care deeply about what they do and how they spend their time and want to do something challenging and interesting every day.

They are not ladder climbers. They are not apparatchiks. Instead, they are deeply invested in the health and well-being of their teams and in enabling the best outcomes both for our clients and for Substantial. They align people from different backgrounds and disciplines. They identify strategic business opportunities. They make the hard calls and the tough decisions.

If it sounds a bit like being a sergeant in the marines, you’re not entirely wrong. It’s a demanding leadership position that requires leading the troops into battle and sometimes dealing with the inevitable foul-ups of high pressure situations. Yet it is deeply satisfying for those that are called to do it. You make a huge impact on real work that matters, every day. You are greatly empowered to own a product, and you make the decisions that directly impact business outcomes.

You are the strategic bridge between the client, engineering, and design. You work with the executives of Substantial, the design and development leads, as well as the executives and business leaders of our clients. You have the opportunity to develop new practices, to solve problems creatively, and to develop powerful, meaningful relationships with amazing people. You’re the few, the proud. The Substantial.

If you apply for this job, there should be something about you that stands out from the crowd. No need to be overzealous, but be yourself in your cover letter (which should be in an email, not in an attachment). Make sure your resume makes it very easy to tell what you delivered (resume should be a PDF or a link). Remember, we look at a lot of applications, so don’t make it hard for us to figure out that you’re the one.

If you’ve read this and know you’re the one we’ve been looking for, then look at our current open positions.