Ralph's Killer Muenster Gameplay

As part of their celebration of DNA Day (which commemorates the publication of Watson and Crick’s famous paper describing the structure of DNA), pioneering biotech company Genentech wanted to release an application that would introduce the concepts of genetics and mutations in a compelling way. The resulting game, Ralph’s Killer Muenster, combines a cheeky narrative (complete with fake blog and Twitter accounts), fun animations and sound effects, and challenging play to make a game that will hold appeal long after DNA day has passed.

The story behind Ralph’s Killer Muenster is that following a freakish accident on a lightning-filled night, the sewers of San Francisco have been filled with mutant variants of Ralph’s signature product. It’s your mission to help reverse these mutations by tracing them back to a single origin. The resulting puzzle game requires linking variants of these cheeses to a common predecessor within a constrained set of moves — a task that gets more challenging as additional characteristics come into play.

Ralph’s Killer Muenster was completed as a collaboration with IDEO, who worked with Genentech to create the  the game. In parallel, we explored which tools would allow us to reach the market within the project’s time constraints, ultimately deciding on Unity. This game development framework made it easy to rapidly prototype various gameplay ideas and features, providing real-world insight into what was successful. With various ideas solidified, Unity eased final development as well, eventually allowing for compiling the game for different platforms.

Ralph’s Killer Muenster was released in time for DNA Day, delighting players everywhere.  Oh, and did we mention that it’s FREE? It is, so you should go out and download it for yourself.

UPDATE [6/11/2013]:
Ralph's Killer Muenster is now available in the Mac App store as well! Download it!

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