Bluescape, the visual collaborative workspace that Substantial helped to build alongside Haworth and Obscura Digital, recently won gold in Workplace Technology and Best in Competition at NeoCon. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting project and are certainly gratified to see the hard work behind bluescape recognized.

Bluescape is the brainchild of workplace product company Haworth, who recognized a need in current professional collaboration tools. Partnering with interactive display company Obscura Digital on the joint venture, and bringing in Substantial’s tech and design savvy, the bluescape project has been under wraps for two years, emerging now as an innovation in effective business technology.

The bluescape system goes beyond the capabilities of visual collaborative tools of the past in terms of both scale and flexibility. In its most prominent form, bluescape is comprised of a wall of multi touch-enabled displays, creating a highly advanced “virtual whiteboard” of sorts. With intuitive gestures, virtual sticky notes can be posted, documents, graphs, & images can be moved or resized, and users can write on notes with a digital pen, all across a whopping 160 football fields of digital real estate. This screen space can be shared and worked on, in real-time, across offices, and isn’t limited to the wall, but extends to the desktop and iPad as well. Managing that variety of form factors, that much data, and keeping them in sync is no small feat, and we were pleased to accept the technical challenge.

Bluescape CEO Scott Poulton describes the massive touchscreen as being created to “accelerate business results by enhancing innovation, strategizing, solving problems and sharing information in real time. Through this new technology platform, decision makers and product development teams are able to improve global communication and problem solving with team and executives around the world.”

Substantial is proud to be part of bringing bluescape to the world. We look forward to being part of taking bluescape to the next level as the market reacts to this new technology.

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