[This post was updated after initial publishing.]

Conferences are a vital part of what we do: our peers are some of our greatest inspirations and most valued resources. We appreciate the opportunity to get some of our ideas out and always end up learning a thing or two out in the world as well. We’ve got a number of Substantialites slated for upcoming speaking engagements and wanted to give you the details. There are some other dates in the works as well, so to keep up to date on these speaking and other conferences we’re attending, these are all listed on our events calendar as well.

Aja @ WindyCityRails (9/12-13) & Golden Gate Ruby Conference (9/20-21)
Next month Aja, one of our developers, will be in Chicago and San Francisco for WindyCityRails and Golden Gate Ruby Conference presenting a talk entitled “Seeing the Big Picture: Quick and Dirty Data Visualization with Ruby.”

Ryan & Steve @ Seattle Design Festival (9/14)
The Seattle Design Festival's 2013 theme is "Design in Health." Accordingly, Ryan and Steve will be guiding a workshop entitled “Designing for a Healthcare Movement: How to Get to Minimum Viable Product Now.”

Heather @ Startup Weekend Seattle (9/20-22)
Heather will be one of the coaches for this weekend-long event, advising teams as they create startups on a compressed timeline.

Donte & Steve @ Seattle Interactive Conference (10/29-30)
We’ll have not one but two speakers at the Seattle Interactive Conference! Steve, our Director of Engagement, will give a talk entitled “Agile: It’s An Attitude, Not Just a Methodology,” framing Agile and Lean as a way of life rather than as just a series of steps. Donte, our VP of Culture, will be speaking on “Culture - How to Suck Less,” detailing the importance of good culture to a sustainable business, and how culture IS the business and should be nurtured and valued as such.

We’re excited to have our people sharing what they’ve learned out in the world and we encourage you to check them out if you can.

Main image from zigazou76.