HealthBurger Logo We're happy to announce the launch of HealthBurger, an internal product we built as a response to the Health 2.0 dev challenge. Launched in tandem with the Health 2.0 Conference, HealthBurger combines the price transparency data from the challenge with other data sources to demonstrate how small daily choices can impact future health care spending. And it does this with an aesthetic and eye towards usability and accessibility, personalizing information that might otherwise be hard to comprehend.

Users enter in four bits of information (age, gender, location, activity level) into a wizard, which is used to "model" that individual's lifetime health. For privacy reasons, we don't ask for any exact or real personal information, opting instead for ranges, which is combined with price transparency and mortality info to determine a lifetime healthcare cost. From there, we can extrapolate the "true" cost of a burger or hour of TV. Users can then peruse a list of the medical procedures they're most likely to experience and the associated prices.

The results from HealthBurger aren't exact. They aren't meant to be. What they're meant to do instead is to reveal how prices vary nationally, and to reveal how much influence we can have over our own health care costs. Rather than repeating that U.S. Health Care costs $2.7 trillion, we bring that down to a number that can be understood and acted upon with the next meal or potential Netflix marathon.

We're excited about HealthBurger and think that combining design and technology in compelling experiences like this are going to be the key to taming our rising health care costs. But enough from us, go check out HealthBurger for yourself and find out the true cost of a hamburger!