Health 2.0 Seattle

Join us for a panel discussion on open science research and open source technology applications as they relate to the healthcare industry. We're fortunate to have an impressive lineup of speakers that will provide an informative, and perhaps, heated debate on open science and open source!

6:00pm - Networking
6:45pm - Moderated Panel Discussion
7:30pm - Q&A
7:45pm - Networking

Brig Mecham PhD - Brig Mecham is a data scientist working on the application of big data to clinical medicine. His company, Trialomics, uses terabytes of genomics data to address a wide range of biological and clinical problems for drug companies, hospitals, and universities.

Erich Huang, PhD MD - Erich received his doctorate in computational genomics and his MD at Duke University. He subsequently completed a general surgery residency and was Chief Resident in Duke's surgical training program. He is currently Director of Cancer Research at Sage Bionetworks and is starting a stealth venture in healthcare informatics before re-entering the academic world.

Elizabeth Nelson, PhD - Elizabeth leads dissemination for LabKey Server, an open source platform for integrating, analyzing and securely sharing the varied data types produced by translational research teams. Elizabeth enjoys walking between the realms of software (former program manger, Microsoft Windows) and academic research (PhD, Biological Sciences, Stanford University).

Event Details:

When: Thursday, October 24, 6pm-830pm

Where: Substantial HQ (900 E Pine, Suite #202)

RSVP: On Meetup

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