We’re happy to announce the release of Dungeon Highway, a multi-platform endless runner game we’ve produced over the last few weeks! It’s available now on iOS & Android and it’s free! That’s right, infinite fun for zero dollars. How’s that for value?

The nature of our business means that between projects we’ll sometimes have developers with downtime. While that marks a good opportunity for a vacation or a chance to capture lessons from a prior project, most often it gives an opportunity for training and experimentation. That’s actually how Dungeon Highway came to be.

Both Mike and Josh have spent the last few months working with Unity (as we’ve posted about on prior occasions) for client work, but there were still aspects of the platform that they hadn’t yet explored. They were separately trying new things, Josh working with the new 2D system in Unity 4.3, Mike on accelerometer controls for mobile devices, when they realized that if they pooled their efforts they’d quickly have themselves a game. They pitched the idea to our product labs chief, showed off their prototypes, got immediate approval, and two weeks later(!) they had a cross-platform game ready for submission.

In Dungeon Highway, you play a wizard that…can’t stop running. There are enemies and barriers in your way but you have no choice but to keep on moving. Touch an enemy and you die. Run into a barrier and you die. Thankfully you’re quick on your feet and you have magic at your disposal to clear enemies from your path. There are even power-ups to make your journey just a little easier. Easy being relative, as this is definitely a test of your reflexes.

Dungeon Highway has a throwback aesthetic, reminiscent of old-school NES-era titles. Even the soundtrack, created by Barton, one of our many musicians, has an appropriately 8-bit sound. Using the company as testers helped to refine the gameplay over the short duration, making it a fun company-wide collaboration (and competition, with lots of chatter about high scores).

We'll post more about the process/technology behind the game in future posts, but for now take a look at the screenshots below and then go download the game for yourself! Thanks for playing and keep on running!

Screenshots Dungeon Highway Screenshot Dungeon Highway Screenshot Dungeon Highway Screenshot Dungeon Highway Screenshot