Distiller iOS App Available

A few months back we announced that Distiller, one of our client projects, was entering its beta period. At the time the experience was limited to the web, but today we're proud to announce that the Distiller iOS app is now available in the app store! And it's free!

Distiller is your companion as you navigate through the wide world of whiskey. Regardless of your level of expertise, Distiller can recommend the right whiskey for you, based on taste preferences, price, and even occasion (celebrating a raise calls for something very different than sitting around a camp fire). With an ever-growing review database (as rated by their own panel of experts), Distiller is just the resource you need to whet your whiskey palate.

A Votiv project, Distiller was developed and designed by us here at Substantial. Go try it out!

Distiller Press

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