Spanish Chicken by maveric2003

Last time it was black pepper crab at Riani's place in bustling Pill Hill. This time around it was Spanish chicken at Carey's in the quaint neighborhood of Queen Anne.

Every couple of months, the engagement managers get together for a cozy home-cooked dinner. Like many other folks at Substantial, yes, we actually do enjoy hanging out together outside of working hours. That night, with wine and beer flowing abundantly, sitting around a rustic farm table we talked about life - travels, babies, music, football - and we talked shop.

Taking a break from our day to day to gather as a team is incredibly valuable for us. It's a chance to step back and share what we are learning, highlight the problems we are solving, the challenges we face with our projects, discuss how the company is changing and growing. As a team of peers there's a whole lot of honesty and passion that fuels us, a huge helping of support for each other and a delicious amount of laughter - it's essential to how we operate. Something as simple as the ritual of an exotic, warm meal makes us better at what we do and deepens our dedication to delivering great experiences for our clients, not just as individuals, but as a team.

The point of this isn't to say that home-cooked meals are the only way to achieve this sort of camaraderie. Hardly. The real truth is that sometimes you need to change your surroundings and adjust your context in order to realize a next level of rapport. Maybe for your group it's a trip to play paintball or a book club. Take the time to figure that our for your team. You'll find very quickly that it's time well spent.