My Old Navigator by Oimax

Testing a site across all the major browsers is not something developers look forward to. Often it involves lot of virtual machines (VMs) and patience. For quite some time, our team has been using BrowserStack to do all of our browser testing. They provide a nice UI to launch just about any version of the mainstream browsers on a variety of different OSes. The VMs load up quickly, which makes testing go much faster. Still, we spent a lot of time clicking through the interface and then navigating to specific pages on our site.

This led us to build the BrowserStack Button. It's a simple button you include in your QA or staging environment which opens a list of browsers you can test against. Clicking one opens a BrowserStack window for you, loading the page you were just on. If you have a backdoor login, you can even configure the button to log you in as well.

Browser stack button by Substantial

BrowserStack Button is a rubygem designed to integrate with rails, just add browser_stack_button to your gemfile and bundle install. Check out the readme for detailed configuration information, but the only thing you have to configure is which browsers to show in the list.

Header image from Flickr user Oimax.