Tunnel by CPStorm Full


Managing ports to forward across a large, changing team, is a pain. Remote pairing made easier and faster. Checkout our gem, wemux-pair.

The Long Version


Tunneling is a powerful tool which allows you to break through firewalls and connect to remote machines, which normally wouldn't be accessible. Usually a third machine, that is accessible by both parties, is required to act as a intermediary. One issue that arises when you have an entire team using the same intermediate box, is having to deal with ports clashing. Each team member needs to be assigned a port and the same ssh configuration needs to be shared across the entire team. Over time, as the team changes, the configuration needs to be updated and redistributed.

This led us to build wemux-pair. wemux-pair deals with port assignment by generating a random port. Once a port is generated the host only needs to provide said port to the people they want to pair with. The host's ssh and development server ports are forwarded. If the person connecting has pow installed, they may access the host's development server at a configurable host or by default at http://wemux.dev. Our team has been using the wemux-pair for over 2 months with great success. After a little bit of setup, the process required to start pairing is simple and fast.

Checkout the readme for setup and configuration.

Main image from Flickr user cpstorm.

Network diagram from Josh Halickman.