We're happy to announce our involvement with this year's HIVE conference. After a three year hiatus, AIGA Seattle is resurrecting the event, an exploration of the intersection of design and technology. We certainly believe in the power of that union. When we heard about the event we were so excited to be a part of it that we opted to sponsor at the Biggest level.

HIVE, held in late June, will feature a full schedule of presentations, keynotes, and workshops, highlighting practitioners and leaders from local organizations and abroad (including some from Substantial). We're expecting a great opportunity to learn, network, and unwind from the opening party to the closing keynote.

As a prelude to the conference HIVE has been hosting monthly meetups at local agencies since the start of the year, with each presenting on a topic related to their approach to technology & design (we did ours in February).

Tickets are currently on sale with early bird pricing. We hope to see you there!

Town Hall Seattle
June 20-21, 2014