Substantial Design - Animated

It's a great time to be a designer. From VCs to corporations, everyone's hunting to get you on their team these days. We're looking too, with open positions in both our Seattle and San Francisco offices. But we're not just trying to fill a seat - we're building a family. A family of obsessed, collaborative, and creative problem solvers and makers. So before you dig into who we're looking for, check out a few words from our current group of designers to hear what brought us together.

Why am I a designer at Substantial?

Ryan H - "I have the freedom to unlock my creativity. As a problem solver, my process varies and takes many forms. Substantial is one of the few places that allows for this flexibility, unlocking unlimited potential to deliver something great."

Liz H - "The people are fantastic. The environment is really supportive. We work with a great group of people who approach problems with a blue-sky vision. But we're still able to translate that as a team to pragmatic product solutions. Everybody is curious, everybody is engaged, everybody is excited to be here."

Flo T - "The way we work supports flexibility and autonomy, which empowers us to make our own decisions. Reasonable decisions often get lost in politics--even when it's the right thing to do--but here, we each have oversight in how we work and this facilitates better work."

Kevin F - "I have always tried to live my life by the motto "I would rather be a loser amongst kings, than king of the losers." I am here because I respect those that I work with and look forward to learning something from them everyday (while also making cool stuff with them)!"

Dheyvi V - "As a designer, you always have a choice - you can solve the problems given to you or go find ones to solve. At Substantial, I can do both and make a difference - regardless of scale and tenure."

Tom M - "I get to contribute and lead in an innovative, collaborative, multi-disciplinary team environment making products we see value in. We shape experiences that constantly improve through validated assumptions and timely user feedback. We do it with passion and take personal pride that borders on obsession: our gauge for knowing we're being true to ourselves, our clients, and their users."

Jenna S - "Substantial offers me variety in the work I do and encourages me to practice several different skill sets."

Melissa S - "I joined Substantial to connect brand thinking to the digital space—to work with start-ups from the ground up and engage with existing brands through crafted interactive experiences. I was drawn to the culture of true collaboration and self-starting creativity—combined with the top-level team of inspired developers, Substantial creates a playing field to do great design work."

Ryan M - "I am a designer at Substantial because I have the right balance of resources, autonomy, and empowerment that lets me enjoy what I love to do."

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Then, check out our job postings, send us an email, and let us know what brings you to Substantial.