Substantial Session 29: Maschine Funk

Over the last few months our impromptu Friday happy hours have taken a decidedly musical turn. A growing group of Substantial staffers began bringing in their drum machines, synths, sequencers, and other bits of gear and closing out the week with a jam session. Playing for hours, the music shifts organically between genres, meandering from abrasive techno to a wandering series of tones. Admittedly, some parts of these jam sessions find their groove more than others. We even took a Saturday night and hosted Gate night, inviting our musical friends to join us in the fun. A sizable fraction of Seattle's analog synth collection made its way to our office and we had a great time with everyone.

For this Substantial Session we've created a "greatest hits" of sorts of the jam sessions to date. All live, all improvised, and all fun for us. If you're interested in joining us for a jam session, let us know. We hope you enjoy the recording as much as we enjoyed making it.


No tracklisting since this is a series of recordings from live jam sessions. Consider everything to be untitled.

Main image from radamant.