SIFF is done for another year. We saw plenty of great films (particularly Boyhood, The Trip to Italy, and They Came Together) and hope you did the same. Our photo booth made an appearance in the press lounge for the duration of the festival and it was fun seeing the faces come through. Here's our top 10, some chosen because of the subjects, others because the participants really got into the spirit of the photo booth. Thanks to SIFF for letting us be part of the fun!

#10: Shep Gordon (he produced They Live!!!) 10 - Shep Gordon

#9: Martin Starr 9 - Martin Starr

#8: Sara Huey 8 - Sara Huey

#7: Marmato Movie 7 - Marmato Movie

#6: Kellie Cox 6 - Kellie Cox

#5: Sara Huey (yes, again) 5 - Sara Huey

#4: Andrew J. Espe 4 - Andrew J. Espe

#3: Shawn Telford 3 - Shawn Telford

#2: Clark Gregg 2 - Clark Gregg

#1: Oscar The Grouch 1 - Oscar The Grouch

You can also view the full #SIFFotobooth gallery.