We've mentioned our involvement with the upcoming HIVE conference before. We've got Substantialites giving three different presentations over the course of the conference and wanted to share the details on their topics. We're excited to hear them and hope to see you there! Registration is still open, so act fast and secure your spot!

Ryan Harasyn - HIVE

Ryan Harasyn - Fostering Digital Craftsmanship

We know intuitively whether something “sucks” or not, but how can we really define what a quality product is in the digital realm? Whether it’s writing code that’s maintainable, modular, and reusable, or designing for both high usability and delight, as product builders we now have to concern ourselves with areas beyond our particular discipline.

How can we stretch ourselves—and our teams—to bring the same level of polish as our heroes in the physical product realm? How can you instill this mindset throughout your organization? How do you balance creativity and innovation with reality and pragmatism? This talk will discuss how we can define what quality is and introduce a cross-disciplinary framework that can guide you and your teams to excellence in your work.

Melissa Scott - HIVE

Barton McGuire - HIVE

Barton McGuire & Melissa Scott - Iterating to Success: Collaborative Product Development

One of the main “benefits” to the traditional waterfall process is that it provides plenty of time for designers to refine their output, thinking through the big picture as well as the details before implementation. However, agile/lean workflow upends that to a large degree, with design delivered in a more just-in-time fashion.

Faster turnaround isn’t anathema to producing delightful work, but there is a balancing act that needs to be done. Much as code is “refactored” throughout a project, the same occurs with design, with it evolving as needs shift and as the project comes together.

In this talk Melissa and Barton will describe her experiences with Distiller, a Substantial client project that was built in agile/lean fashion and has evolved over time. Using validation and an iterative approach they’ve launched Distiller and turned it into an experience that has resonated with users and critics alike.

Marcy Sutton - HIVE

Marcy Sutton - Accessibility and the Modern Web

The modern web has given unprecedented power and flexibility to designers and developers alike—allowing them to create increasingly sophisticated experiences for a widening range of physical platforms. For all of these improvements, however, the differently-abled are often forgotten throughout the process of design and implementation.

How is this audience being left behind? How can we ensure that our experiences reach the widest audience possible? What does the modern web provide for the differently-abled and how can it be harnessed?