Substantial Sessions 30: Substantial Records, Vol. 1 Full

After our last collection of synth recordings we decided to continue in the homegrown vein, and so we bring you Substantial Records, Vol. 1, the first compilation of music from Substantial employees' various music projects. Surprisingly, this isn't even an exhaustive list, as there are enough other nascent, solo, or side projects to fill another volume. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For this installment, enjoy the variety and check out the individual projects via the links in the tracklisting.


  • CooCoo Bird (Barton/Josh)
  • Lady Drama - Mr. Switzerland (Mark Kornblum)
  • Royal Eyes - 17 Hours (Tom Milway)
  • ¡MUGATU! - Shark Attack & Shark Attack 2 & Shou'! & Michael Jay Fawkes & Mount Saint HELLA (Barton McGuire)
  • Sister Girlfriend - InUrHrt (David Balatero)
  • Phædra - S o l a r W i s h (Courtney Basler)
  • Swift-Tuttle - Quartz & Mauve (Adam Pearson)
  • Excerpt from Bowron & Tubaist Jon Hansen (Bion Hart Johnhson)
  • How Short - I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter (Joshua Hou)

Cover art from Flo.