Aja @ GoGaRuCo

Just a few weeks ago Aja, one of our developers, spoke at what turned out to be the final Golden Gate Ruby Conference. They've just posted the video from her talk, which had to be spliced together from two segments, as it was interrupted by a fire alarm. Here's the video:


Storage gets cheaper every year and as a result many folks are turning into data hoarders. Maybe your current project has gigabytes or even terabytes of data sitting in storage. Perhaps some has used the words "big data", "data mining," or "personalized experience" as an excuse to keep paying the storage bills.

Do you actually look at that data? How often do you use it? Is it really worth keeping it around? Do you know what questions it can answer?

In this talk I'll discuss how to use data to drive improvement and when to let it go. I'll focus not only on analysis tools, but also on interpreting data and how to decide if your data is valuable or clutter.