Hackers of Seattle - full

Yesterday marked the launch of Hackers of Seattle, the 206 edition of the Hackers of phenomenon, with our own VP of Culture, Donte, as its first post. Having already received press attention from Inc. and Business Insider with the New York edition, they're extending their reach with upcoming launches in cities around the world.

A bit of a tech equivalent of Humans of New York, Hackers of interviews members of varied positions in their various cities' tech communities, picking out a choice quote and posting a photo of the subject. It's a simple formula but that simplicity (and the breadth it enables) is part of what makes the concept work. We're looking forward to seeing how Hackers of Seattle grows and shines a spotlights on the various aspects of the local environment.

Being a new site, Hackers of Seattle is looking to the community for suggestions on who to feature. Get in touch with them with your suggestions.