AIGA Design is Design

We’re excited to host AIGA Seattle this week as they bring in frog design creative director Matt Conway to discuss design thinking. Tix are currently sold out but keep an eye out as there’s the possibility that more tickets will be released.

Here’s the description of the event from its ticket page.

Event Overview:

Designers love to talk about process. As if there’s a process to do what we do. In this talk, Matt Conway (creative director at frog design) will make a case that designers should put as much design thinking into how we approach our work as we do for the work itself. There is no (great) cookie cutter process for the same reason as there is no (great) cookie cutter product. Talk begins at 6:30.

Speaker Bio:

Matt is a Creative Director at frog Design’s seattle studio. Matt has held positions at Microsoft Research, the ClearType/eBook group at Microsoft, and as the founder of the innovation lab at His PhD work helped create a programming toolkit for kids called Alice which is still being used in schools and community colleges today.

At frog, Matt’s worked on a wide variety of platforms and design problems on mobile devices, tablets and televisions, and most recently, three-screen automotive human-machine interface, employing gesture, voice and touch for a connected car slated model year 2018.