Seattle Interactive mascot Timmy

In its relatively short history Seattle Interactive has become one of the premier tech conferences in the Pacific Northwest. Celebrating the region’s tech scene and its global reach, SIC’s curation historically results in presentations appropriate for a wide-ranging segment of the tech ecosystem.

This year we’re proud to have been selected for three slots at Seattle Interactive. With one talk on building teams, another on knowledge sharing through pairing, and another on building an inclusive workplace, we’re excited to share how we translate our values into the work we do every day.

Below you’ll find the summary for our three talks. We hope to see you there!

Stuck in a Forest: Building Teams to Build Products

Carey Jenkins

There are volumes written about agile development and cross-discipline teams. Actually building products isn’t a textbook process and rarely goes exactly how you expect. Through frank retrospection and continual experimentation, we have found some real techniques for building thoughtful products for our clients and their users (while keeping our sanity).

Two years and three products after its conception, an integrated product team lead looks back at the experiments that succeeded and the failures that made them re-evaluate their life choices. This is the creation story of three digital products and the team that built them.

Pairing & Mentorship

Mark Kornblum & Kristina Hjertberg

People working in pairs can take team collaboration outside meetings and beyond design critiques, code reviews, or copy re-writes. Through pairing, we find that we have less waste, create higher quality work, and are able to effectively mentor junior team members as part of our regular process. Mark and Kristina will present experiences and collaboration techniques honed during Kristina’s internship building digital products at Substantial.

A Fireside Chat on Diversity in Tech

Donte Parks

Most of the “diversity in tech” discussion has focused on awareness, highlighting how deep the problem is and how it manifests itself. Less focus has been placed on solutions, and those that have been described have often been oriented on the actions of tech giants. Things are no less problematic at small & medium-sized organizations, but different structures and budgets require a different approach.

In this fireside chat, Donte Parks will describe the challenges faced at his own company, Substantial, and the work they’ve done with their own diversity initiative. He’ll generalize his own experience to present a framework that could be used by others to begin addressing diversity & inclusion issues within their own organizations.

Seattle Interactive 2015 will be held November 3 & 4 at the Washington State Convention Center. Passes are on sale now.