“Summertime, and the living is easy…”

Summer definitely ranks as one of the top four best season of the year (jokes!). It’s difficult not to think about summer without getting a little nostalgic for the summers of our youth. No school, no responsibility, just hours of free time riding your bike and reading books in your neighbor’s cherry tree (oh wait, you didn’t do that as a child?) So much to do in such a short period of time!

Our summer at Substantial has been action-packed. We put together Overture, our first employee music showcase, threw our annual summer soiree and also had our first employee hackathon!

Now, as we start to think about sweater weather and pumpkin spiced everything, we asked our crew to tell us a little about their summer. Their highlights can be found below.

Hope you all have enjoyed your summer as well and have grand adventures lined up for the Fall!

What did you do this summer?
I was traveling in Ecuador and Colombia at the beginning of the summer, then I visited my folks in Montana last month.

What are some of the highlights?
Galapagos islands, the Lost City trek in Colombia, seeing mountain lions in Montana!

Mountain Lion in Montana

What did you do this summer?
Played a rad show called “Overture” and then had a baby!

What did you do this summer?
Seattle Art Fair: At first I went to escape the heat, but when I got there I found it was a great collection of emerging and known artists and was a great chance to see galleries from the PNW (and beyond) in one place.

Summer fun at the Seattle Art Fair

What did you do this summer?
I went to a lot of musical performances, kayaked almost every weekend, and had a lot of out of town visitors.

What are some of the highlights? Block party was fun & I loved being able to swim so frequently after work. Lake WA was the perfect temperature!

Summer fun at the lake

What did you do this summer?
This summer we had a lot of visitors to visit with the new baby (Aedan). We went to Orcas Island for Easter and D.C to visit family but we’ve spent most of our days in the park and at the beach with the boys.

Summer fun at the park

What did you do this summer?
It’s actually winter where we are, but we had another baby, in a foreign country, LOL. That was enough fun for me!

What did you do this summer?
Made my first trip to Chicago for Neocon. The trade show itself was a lot of fun (those furniture folks know how to have a good time), but more importantly the food was great. As was the Art Institute.

What are some of the highlights?
The biggest highlight was the breaded steak sandwich at Ricobene’s; It’s a total game-changer for sandwiches and well worth the shortened lifespan.

What did you do this summer?
I got married at the Whiterock Conservancy in Iowa!

Summer fun at the wedding

What did you do this summer?
I started work at Substantial after spending a year traveling through a dozen countries in Asia and Europe.

What are some of the highlights?
The craziest highlight was living in Thailand for 8 months, including during the military coup last summer. I also got scuba certified in Thailand. In Europe, the highlight was training for a marathon that I ran here in June. I got to run hundreds and hundreds of training miles in Spain, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. It was such an amazing way to see non-tourist areas of touristy cities!

What did you do this summer?
In the last couple months I’ve been playing Mount and Blade a lot. It’s an older PC/Mac game that simulates large scale medieval battles and you participate in first person as a soldier.

I mainly play a fan-created mod for the game called Brytenwalda that’s set in the dark ages of Britain. It’s brutally hard. You have to play for a couple of hours just to be able to afford a sword, so there’s lots of hacking at other people with axes and pitchforks.

Summer fun with video games

What are some of the highlights?
The best is when you first successfully storm an opposing nation’s city.

I don’t take it super seriously. It’s just a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

What did you do this summer?
Visited DC, NYC and Boston, beat the heat at Madrona Beach, started the Substantial non-work-related book club, discovered 90210 is on Hulu.

What are some of the highlights?
I went blonde, saw Stephin Merritt perform at Benaroya Hall.

What did you do this summer?
Rented a house in Hood Canal with a bunch of coworkers and friends and backpacked in the Enchantments!

Summer fun at Hood Canal

Summer fun in The Enchantments

Main image from Flickr user popofatticus