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Here’s a peek at our upcoming events for November. We’ll update this post as new things are added, but these are all listed on our events calendar as well. Most descriptions are from the events’ respective sites.

Seattle Interactive Conference – November 3-4, Seattle
Seattle Interactive is the premiere technology event in the Northwest. The conference connects the most influential ideas of the year with emerging trends that will shape the industry. Seattle has emerged as an industry pacesetter, and a critical new hub for the digital marketplace. Seattle Interactive is its definitive event. With so many influencers gathered in one location, Seattle Interactive is a rare opportunity to make critical connections.

Speaking Engagements
Carey @ Seattle Interactive: Building the Team that Builds the Product – November 3
Integrated product teams are increasingly becoming the mainstream. But they don’t prevent the same challenges that befall any product development process. They can, however, arm you with unique perspectives for tackling those problems.

Two years and three products later, the lead of an integrated product team shares an approach to building a cohesive team with purpose. A look at ideas that succeeded, experiments that failed and the failures that succeeded.

Mark @ Seattle Interactive: Creating Better Work Through Constant Collaboration - November 3
People working in pairs can take team collaboration outside meetings and beyond design critiques, code reviews, or copy re-writes. Through pairing, we find that we have less waste, create higher quality work, and are able to effectively mentor junior team members as part of our regular process. Mark and [Substantial Ada intern] Kristina will present experiences and collaboration techniques honed during Kristina’s internship building digital products at Substantial.

Donte @ Seattle Interactive: A Fireside Chat on Diversity in Tech – November 4
Most of the “diversity in tech” discussion has focused on awareness, highlighting how deep the problem is and how it manifests itself. Less focus has been placed on solutions, and those that have been described have often been oriented on the actions of tech giants. Things are no less problematic at small & medium-sized organizations, but different structures and budgets require a different approach.

Kathy & Scott @ General Assembly: Tune the Signal: Lessons in Podcasting (Happy Hour & Workshop) - November 11, San Francisco
In this workshop, we’ll be discussing the basics of podcasting and how to conduct a meaningful interview. If you’ve ever been interested in starting a podcast or simply learning more about the process and importance of this ever-growing medium, this workshop is the perfect place to start.

Other Meetups:
Seattle.rb Monthly Meetup – November 3, Seattle
Seattle.rb was the first Ruby and Rails user group in North America and has met regularly for over a decade. We convene every Tuesday night to contribute to open source, work on personal projects, and teach and learn from one another. All skill levels are welcome!

Rust Language Meetup – November 9, Seattle
This is a meet up for Rust enthusiasts. Rust is a fast systems programming language that guarantees memory safety and offers painless concurrency (no data races). It does not employ a garbage collector and has minimal runtime overhead.

Beer&&Code – November 11, Seattle
Beer&&Code is a coder’s meetup in Seattle. A typical Beer&&Coder likes to use any programming language for work or for fun, enjoy a tasty drink, meet other Beer&&Coders and be a part of a community, and be challenged and learn from others. Whether you are new developer, a veteran, a designer, or none of those, you can hang out at Beer&&Code.

FramerJS Seattle Meetup – November 12
Come out for our 5th FramerJS Seattle Meetup. Bring your laptops and get ready to start learning, designing and building prototypes with Framer.

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